Program Planning

Annual Planning Calendar for Program Management

Several people gathered around a whiteboard.

Use this customizable roadmap to identify required planning activities and foster meaningful collaboration with program and fiscal leaders. This practical Microsoft Excel-based calendar is compliant, comprehensive, and customizable.


  • Includes and links to the Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS), Head Start Act, Uniform Guidance, and relevant fiscal Program Instructions
  • Follows a calendar of expected events
  • Allows programs to plan and coordinate program and fiscal year activities


  • Helps grantees organize and plan on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, grant-year, and project-period basis
  • Outlines planning requirements in a way that integrates seamlessly with operational calendars
  • Focuses on the leadership and administrative functions and requirements of the grant development and oversight process


  • Adapts flexibly to fit fiscal year start dates
  • Allows users to add program activities based on individual needs
  • Builds on an easily accessible platform (Microsoft Excel)
  • Prints as a wall calendar and can be shared electronically

Download the Calendar

Download an accessible PDF version of the annual calendar.