Program Planning

Build on a Responsive Community Assessment

Tools and Resources

Community Assessment: The Foundation for Program Planning in Head Start

Explore community assessment standards and best practices. Learn how community assessments help programs remain responsive to the children and families they serve.

Community Assessment Matrix

This tool can help staff coordinate their efforts as they gather the information required for a community assessment.

Program Administrator's Checklist for the Head Start Home-Based Program Option

Use this checklist to help determine if the home-based program option is appropriate for the community your program serves.

Policies and Regulations

Ongoing assessment of program goals, 45 CFR § 1302.102(b)(2)(i-iii)

Review how programs must monitor their progress toward goals on an ongoing basis.

Determining community strengths, needs, and resources, 45 CFR § 1302.11

Learn how programs should assess community strengths, needs, and resources.

Last Updated: December 12, 2019