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Data in Head Start and Early Head Start: Creating a Culture that Embraces Data - Resources


  • Creating a Culture that Embraces Data: Text Version of interactive training module
    Use the text version of the interactive module to guide the use of data in decision making in your Head Start or Early Head Start program.
  • Data Activities Inventory
    The Data Activities Inventory is an inventory that programs and individuals can use to determine their comfort levels with each of the four data activities: prepare, collect, aggregate and analyze, and use and share.
  • Data Resources
    Data Resources includes two lists of resources related to creating a culture for using data. The first includes Head Start Resources that are available on the Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center (ECLKC) website; the second includes resources that can be found on other websites. Both include descriptions and sources.
  • Data in Head Start and Early Head Start: Guide for Users and Trainers
    This Guide is designed for users and trainers who want to share the module as part of staff meetings or training events. The PowerPoint Presentation provides an overview of the product.
  • Sample Action Plan for QRST Early Head Start and Head Start Programs
    This resource is a sample action plan for a goal about improving attendance in a fictional Head Start or Early Head Start program.
  • The Planning Cycle
    The graphic is a visual representation of a conceptual model of the planning in Head Start and Early Head Start. It includes all of the elements of the planning system, including self-assessment, community assessment, setting goals, developing a plan and budget, implementing the plan, evaluating through ongoing monitoring, and making course corrections into an annual cycle.
  • Tips for Embracing Data
    Tips for Embracing Data is a Tip Sheet on creating a culture of using data in Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

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