Program Planning

Plan and Grow with an Annual Self-Assessment

Tools and Resources

Self-Assessment: Your Annual Journey

Explore and practice each phase of the self-assessment process. The phases move from ongoing monitoring to self-assessment and back into the program planning cycle.

Learning for New Leaders: Self-Assessment

Find out about the yearly five-phase self-assessment process. It helps staff, leaders, parents, and partners monitor their progress toward program goals and objectives.

Policies and Regulations

Monitoring program performance, 45 CFR § 1302.102(b)(1)(i-iv)

Learn how programs should implement a system of ongoing oversight. In this way, they can ensure effective implementation of the program performance standards.

Ongoing assessment of program goals, 45 CFR § 1302.102(b)(2)(i-iii)

Review this standard to explore how programs should conduct an annual self-assessment.

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Last Updated: May 4, 2018