Program Planning

Standards in Action

A group of people sit around a table in an office, having a meetingThe Standards in Action Vignettes provide examples of how programs can implement specific Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS). Program leaders can use them as “discussion starters” with staff and other stakeholders to reflect on and identify the most appropriate ways to address and implement the standard in their program. Program leaders can use the vignettes to:

  • Identify how their program is like or unlike the program in the vignette
  • Identify processes and questions to consider within the vignette and add ones specific to their program
  • Discuss how their program is implementing or will implement the HSPPS, using the vignette as a guide
  • Create their own vignette for professional development and communication purposes


Assessment for Individualization

Use this vignette to reflect on and meet the standards around child screening and assessment for individualization.

Coordinated Approach to Supporting Dual Language Learners

Discover ways promote a program-wide coordinated approach to supporting dual language learners and their families.

Curriculum Fidelity

Find out how program leaders work with others to identify the most appropriate ways to meet the standards around curriculum fidelity.

Home-Based Curriculum

Identify ways to put the Head Start Program Performance Standards on home-based curricula into practice.

Implementing a Research-Based, Coordinated Coaching Strategy

Learn how staff can apply the Head Start Program Performance Standards to coaching. Find out how to put a research-based, coordinated coaching strategy into practice.

Interim Services for Children with Disabilities or Suspected Delays

Learn more about the Head Start Program Performance Standards as they relate to interim services. Identify ways to put these standards into practice.

Promoting Learning Through Approaches to Rest, Meals, Routines, and Physical Activity

Find out how teachers can promote children’s learning outcomes during routine indoor and outdoor activities.

Serving Children with Disabilities and the 10 Percent Eligibility Requirement

This Standards in Action vignette looks at Head Start Program Performance Standard 45 CFR §1302.14(b). Review eligibility and selection requirements for children with disabilities.

Supporting Teachers to Meet Staff Qualifications

Learn to identify appropriate practices for meeting the Head Start Program Performance Standards on staff qualifications.

Tribal Language Preservation and Revitalization

Find out how this Standards in Action vignette addresses the requirements for tribal language preservation and revitalization.

Last Updated: April 10, 2019