Community Assessment

How Is a Community Assessment Done?

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The first step in preparing to conduct a community assessment is to create a team to lead the process. Team building is discussed in depth in the next chapter. In addition to reviewing this guide, the members of this team should familiarize themselves with HSPPS 45 CFR §1302.11(b) and other regulations that pertain to the community assessment (see Appendix C–1) and the grant application process, including requirements and timelines.

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Now that your program staff understands what a community assessment is and how it can benefit your community, children, and families, it’s time for Step 1: Plan and Organize. The process begins in earnest as you assemble your all-important community assessment team, the core group of people who will oversee the entire process. Use A Closer Look: The Benefits of a Community Assessment to review how a community assessment helps design responsive programs.