Community Assessment

Prepare for the Community Assessment Process

a child's hand is stacking colorful blocks

You need to be strategic and plan ahead as you establish your process.

  • Decide on the structure you will use. For example, the team might be a work group composed primarily of members of existing committees and functioning groups in the Head Start program, or it could involve the creation of a new community assessment committee.
  • Select team members from the agency and from the community at large.
  • Make sure each staff member's time has been "freed up" or partially reassigned by their supervisor so they have the necessary time to devote to the community assessment.
  • Ensure all participants are orientated to understand the importance of the community assessment and its impact on the provision of Head Start services to children and families.
  • Identify the resources you will need to implement the process; examples include the translation of key pieces of information for parents, additional clerical support, and scheduling meetings in conjunction with other activities.