Community Assessment

Presenting Recommendations

a toddler girl smiles over adult's shoulder

There are many ways to present recommendations in your community assessment report. However this is done, you will want to make sure all the results and recommendations connect to the data collected and included in the report. It is helpful to frame each recommendation by establishing the relationship between the data and the recommendation. Consider using a phrase similar to "Our community assessment has revealed that…; and therefore, our program will…."

When presenting recommendations, ask yourself:

  • Have all the issues emerged from the analysis of the data?
  • Do our recommendations identify and prioritize the key issues or problems facing children and families that need to be addressed by the Head Start program?
  • Have we described our system for prioritizing or determining the key issues?
  • Have all sources of information been cited?
  • Has objective and research-based data been included to support decisions based on future trends?