Community Assessment

What Is Included in a Community Assessment?

a close-up picture of a toddler looking up

The HSPPS require the community assessment to use data that describes community strengths, needs, and resources (45 CFR §1302.11(b)). At a minimum, the community assessment must include:

  1. Demographic information about eligible infants, toddlers, preschool age children, and expectant mothers
  2. Information about the education, health, nutrition, and social service needs of eligible children and their families
  3. Work, school, and training schedules of parents with eligible children
  4. Information about other child development services, child care centers, and family child care programs that serve eligible children
  5. Resources available in the community
  6. Strengths of the community

Programs are required to publish and disseminate an annual report that includes a summary of the program's most recent community assessment findings (45 CFR §1302.102(d)(2)). More detailed information about all the community assessment requirements is found throughout this guide.