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Appendix E: Sample Tools and Templates

Programs write their five-year plans and action plans in different ways. Topic 4 offers examples of what a program’s goals, objectives, expected outcomes, and plans could look like based on the data that the program collects through its community and self-assessments. The sample forms that follow may be helpful as you write your own plans. Writing measurable objectives and expected outcomes and considering the data to collect to understand your progress will serve you well in completing your baseline and continuation applications for the five-year project period. The following action plans can be electronically completed and shared with your leadership team.

Action Plans

Worksheet A

Use this fundamental framework to organize the fiscal and human resources needed to implement an action plan.

Worksheet B

Build detailed action plans within the context of Head Start services, including teaching and learning, parent and family engagement, health services, and program management.

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Last Updated: May 23, 2019