Head Start A to Z, 2.0

Self-Assessment: Building on Strengths and Improving Systems

Overhead view of people seated around a table with a colorful chart in the middle.

The annual self-assessment provides Head Start programs with a mechanism for ensuring programs are doing the right things. It also gives programs a chance to identify and make necessary course corrections. Achieving program goals, 45 CFR §1302.102(b)(2) addresses self-assessment requirements. This section describes self-assessment as a process for using data to monitor progress toward program goals, compliance with the Head Start Program Performance Standards, and effectiveness in promoting school readiness. In this training, participants learn about recommended processes for conducting the self-assessment and additional resources to support this important activity.

To get started, open the session description and script below. It provides an overview of the entire session, a chart to customize training, detailed presenter notes, and suggestions for using the handouts and activities.

Session Description and Script

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