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Arkansas Head Start Collaboration Office

The Arkansas Head Start State Collaboration Office (ARHSSCO) is located in Little Rock as a stand-alone for the Arkansas Head start Association. Funds for ARHSSCO are provided through the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS), Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education (DCCECE). The purpose of the ARHSSCO is to create a visible presence at the state level, which can assist in the development of significant multi-agency, public, and private partnerships between Head Start and the state. In addition to serving as chair for the AR Early Childhood Commission State Advisory Council (AECC/SAC), the ARHSSCO coordinates and lead efforts for diverse entities to work together by:

  • Effectively Communicating: Convene stakeholder groups for information- sharing and planning. Be a conduit of information between the Regional Office and the state and local early childhood system.
  • Providing Access: Facilitate Head Start agencies' access to, and utilization of, appropriate entities so children and families can secure needed services and critical partnerships are formalized.
  • Creating Systems: Support policy, planning, and implementation of cross-agency state systems for early childhood that include and serve the Head Start community.


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Last Updated: September 29, 2017