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Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Collaboration Office

MSHS children and their families are represented in key policies in all 38 states where MSHS programs are located, including at national, state, and local levels. Policy areas include: school transitions; child care and early learning systems; professional development; and Regional Office priorities. Regional priorities include, but are not limited to: family and community partnerships; health, mental health, and oral health; and disabilities.


Guadalupe Cuesta
Director, National Migrant/Seasonal Head Start Collaboration Office
Head Start Region XI & XII T/TA Collaboration Center
Early Care and Education 
U.S. Education & Workforce Development 
O: 202-884-8595 | F: 202-884-8732 | E: gcuesta@fhi360.org | www.fhi360.org

National Directories and Resources:


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Last Updated: October 31, 2017