Florida Head Start Collaboration Office

The Florida Head Start State Collaboration Office (FLHSSCO) is housed at Florida's Office of Early Learning, Florida Department of Education. The Florida Institute of Education (FIE) at the University of North Florida is the grantee. Established in 1982 as a statewide research center, FIE provides statewide leadership to improve education at all levels by working collaboratively with Florida's universities, community colleges, public schools, school readiness agencies, and communities to:

  • Foster collaborative programs that address critical educational needs by supporting innovation and engaging in problem-focused research;
  • Increase access to and use of the knowledge and skills needed to improve practice and inform decision-making; and
  • Enhance achievement for all students, especially those at risk.

FLHSSCO is federally funded with the specific purpose of supporting and improving collaboration between Head Start and other providers of educational, medical, and social services in Florida. The Office coordinates federal, state, and local policy to help ensure a unified early care and education system. FLHSSCO also works to coordinate activities with the governor's office, key state agencies, and other early childhood associations and advocacy groups.


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Last Updated: June 26, 2018