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Indiana Head Start Collaboration Office

The Indiana Head Start State Collaboration Office (INHSSCO) is located in the Bureau of Child Care. The Division of Family Resources, Bureau of Child Care directly oversees the INHSSCO. The Department's mission is to develop, finance, and compassionately administer programs to provide health care and other social services to Hoosiers in need to enable them to achieve healthy, self-sufficient, and productive lives.

INHSSCO plays an important role in building partnerships at the state and local levels. Their mission is to ensure Head Start's participation in systems-integration strategies to benefit low-income children and families by:

  • Helping build early childhood systems and enhancing access to comprehensive services and support
  • Encouraging widespread collaboration between Head Start and other appropriate programs, services, and initiatives that augment Head Start's capacity to be a partner in state initiatives
  • Facilitating the involvement of Head Start in state policies, plans, processes, and decisions


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Last Updated: September 29, 2017