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Mississippi Head Start Collaboration Office

The Mississippi Head Start State Collaboration Office (MSHSSCO) is located in the Office of the Governor. The MSHSSCO director is appointed by the governor.

The mission of MSHSSCO is to help improve the lives of low-income children from birth to school entry and their families in Mississippi through collaboration, education, and legislation.

Since receiving initial funding in 1997, MSHSSCO has enhanced the capacity of Head Start and other early childhood programs and improved outcomes and opportunities for young children. MSHSSCO develops collaborative partnerships with early childhood and family service providers, educators, advocates, and agencies statewide. Its location in the Office of the Governor assures frequent and significant access to the governor and other key policymakers and planning bodies.

Mississippi has a State Early Childhood Advisory Council. The MSHSSCO director currently serves as the recorder for the Council and has served on three committees: Workforce Development, Health Access, and Coordinated Services Delivery.


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Last Updated: October 13, 2017