The Family Partnership Process: Engaging and Goal-Setting with Families

Strong, healthy families give their children the best chance at success in school and in life. This guide explores how strong partnerships can positively influence the goals families set in the family partnership process.

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The Family Partnership Process guide will help program staff:

  • Learn about families and their evolving strengths, challenges, and priorities
  • Build trust to establish and maintain positive, goal-oriented relationships
  • Engage families in effective goal-setting
  • Gain sufficient and meaningful information to complete a Family Partnership Plan

The guide explores goal-setting with individual families during each phase of the Family Partnership Process. These phases include recruitment and enrollment, family assessment, communication, goal-setting, and the follow-up and review of family progress. Use the "Seven Steps for Setting and Reaching Goals with Families" to prioritize interests and goals, consider strengths and stressors, and develop strategies and action steps.

Finally, discover how your program can use aggregate data from the Family Partnership Plans of all the families in your program for continuous improvement and program planning.

Topic:Family Engagement

Keywords:Goal setting

Resource Type: Publication

Last Updated: April 2, 2019