Finding a Dental Clinic for Your Child

Children need to visit the dental clinic to keep their teeth and mouth healthy. If children have regular dental visits, the dentist and dental hygienist can take care of their teeth and find oral health problems early. Here are tips for finding a dental clinic that is best for you and your child.

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Little girl posing with her dentistTips for finding a dental clinic:

Questions to ask when choosing a dental clinic:

  • Is your clinic taking new patients?
  • Does your clinic take my child’s insurance (for example, Medicaid or CHIP)?
  • Do any of your staff speak my language? Can they translate so I can understand?
  • Does clinic staff have training or experience treating young children?
  • When is the next appointment for a new patient?
  • What happens during a new patient visit?
  • Is your clinic close to public transportation?
  • When is your clinic open? Is it open evenings or on weekends?
  • What information or forms do I need to bring to fill out your paperwork (for example, my child’s insurance card or a Head Start oral health form)?
  • Are there books, toys, or other things for children in your waiting room?
Dentist Office Sign


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