Foundations for Fostering Partnerships in Head Start and Early Head Start

Grantees create and foster partnerships at many levels. The Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) require programs to establish ongoing collaborative relationships and partnerships with community organizations. Explore core issues, like the stages and characteristics of successful partnerships and key planning steps. Learn to build mutually beneficial partnerships through communication, negotiation, and agreements. Review ways to expand innovation, streamline services, maximize funding and resources, and most importantly, increase benefits for children and families.

The supplemental Partnership Development Checklist can help grantees develop well-designed partnerships. It identifies key early care and education issues to be addressed when working with multiple partners and funding sources. Checklist topics include:

  • Planning and developing the partnership
  • Communicating, decision-making, and negotiating
  • Developing a partnership agreement or contract
  • Implementing the partnership services
  • Recordkeeping and documentation
  • Managing the fiscal components
  • Staffing and professional development
  • Assessing and stimulating continual improvement

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Last Updated: November 26, 2019