Tracking Progress in Early Care and Education: Program, Staff, and Family Measurement Tools

Teacher working with a childThis guide is a compilation of 15 high-quality tools programs you can use to track a family's progress toward their goals. It can also be used to monitor the efforts of early care and education staff in helping families advance toward those goals. This resource is available in an At-a-Glance version.

These tools were selected based on a review of their literature and technical manuals. The review identified those that have a solid evidence base and are reliable, as well as valid measures of key family outcomes from the Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework. Some are surveys while others are conducted by observation or interview. All of the tools address one or more of the outcomes identified in the PFCE Framework.

This is not a complete list of measurement tools (measures) and is not meant to tell you which ones to use. Rather, the tools in this compilation are examples of high-quality resources that have been used successfully in Head Start, Early Head Start, and other early care and education programs.

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Last Updated: August 7, 2019