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Emergency Preparedness

Head Start and other early childhood programs play an important role in response and recovery efforts after a disaster or emergency. Providing stability and sharing information about resources and agencies that can assist families is critical in the days and weeks after the event. Explore and share materials around social and emotional supports for children and adults. Review disaster preparedness, response, and recovery resources for families and programs.

Emergency Preparedness Tip Sheets

Use these tip sheets with Head Start and Early Head Start families and staff affected by a crisis or tragic event. Learn to focus on children's responses to these events, as well as ways to help them cope.

Emergency Preparedness in Head Start and Early Childhood Settings Webinar
Learn how to plan and prepare for emergencies in Head Start, Early Head Start, and child care programs. Find strategies staff can use to help children and families prepare at home.

Emergency Preparedness Manual for Early Childhood Programs
Programs can use this manual as a guide for their emergency planning process. Find the latest tools and resources to support children, families, and communities before, during, and after an emergency. An emergency may be a catastrophic natural event, like a hurricane, flood, or wildfire, or a man-made disaster, such as a shooting. No matter the crisis, early childhood programs need to be ready with impact, relief, and recovery plans.

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Last Updated: October 4, 2018