How to Use This Manual

This manual is intended to assist early childhood education programs in making a plan that will help keep their program, center, or home safe during an emergency. The manual is designed to be a workbook-style document that includes information about emergency preparedness as well as corresponding worksheets that  allow you to customize an emergency plan for your program, center, or home. As you go through the manual, consider the points below as a way to guide you through the process of creating your emergency preparedness plan. 

A complete plan includes: 

  • Communication procedures with first responders, staff, and families
  • Response options for each type of emergency you may experience
    • Evacuation: routes, gathering sites, means of evacuating (e.g., walking, cribs, car seats, wheelchairs)
    • Shelter in place: safest place to shelter for the given emergency, how to protect yourself and children
    • Lockdown: safest place to lock down in a classroom or home, how to secure a room
  • Reunification procedures and emergency contacts for each child