Know Your Communication Equipment Needs

Icon of a bull hornCommunication is an extremely important part of your emergency plan, and it is often overlooked in the preparedness phase. Use the Establishing Your Communication Procedures (Worksheet) to plan how you and your staff will interact with each other, first responders, children, and families during an emergency.

Consider whether you need the following:

  • Signaling devices such as whistles that can be used to alert staff about an emergency or to give an all clear that the event is over.
  • Battery-powered megaphone/bullhorn to communicate with children and staff.
  • Battery- or hand-powered weather radio to receive information from emergency officials.
  • Battery-powered walkie-talkies to communicate with staff (if applicable) and search-and-rescue teams, especially if cell phone service is down because of the emergency.
  • Cell phones fail! Plan for multiple forms of communication