Landslide or Debris Flow

Icon of a landslideAs you read through this landslide scenario, use your practice checklist to ensure each step of the response is being followed.

Your area has experienced a significant amount of rainfall recently. You have the local news channel on, and the meteorologist reports that there are landslide or flood warnings in your town. You communicate this information to parents/guardians, alerting them that there is potential for a landslide to occur and to be aware of possible evacuation to your predetermined safe location.

As the day continues, you see images of trees breaking, landslides, and flooding several blocks from your program, center, or family child care home. You determine that there is time to evacuate safely and activate evacuation procedures.

  • If you are in a program or center, alert your staff to begin evacuation procedures.
  • If you are a family child care provider, begin your evacuation procedure, and alert families that you are in the process of evacuation.

Using an evacuation crib, transport infants with their car seats to the evacuation vehicle(s). As they have practiced, children who can walk and follow directions grab onto a walking rope and walk to the evacuation vehicle. As prearranged, children with special health care needs are assisted as they evacuate safely to the vehicle. You and your staff continually count heads as children move through the building and to the evacuation vehicles.

Once all children are secured in the vehicle, take attendance, and safely transport the children to your secure evacuation location.

Questions to consider while reading

  • What would you do if you realized that there was a child missing? A staff member or assistant?
  • In a Head Start program or child care center, who initiates the evacuation procedures? How do staff know that evacuation procedures should begin?
  • What should you consider when deciding if you should return to the facility or home or if you should have families pick up children from the evacuation site?
  • What if you don’t have an evacuation crib to move your infants? What could you use instead?