Physical Health

Developmental Milestone Expectations in Early Head Start

This program and others that serve infants and toddlers offer your child a safe place to learn. We know you are your child's first teacher, and we want to work with you to care for your child. As your partner in your child's education and care, we are dedicated to:

  • Valuing your culture, beliefs, and traditions in raising your children
  • Listening to your concerns and sharing ideas on healthy child development
  • Supporting and encouraging you throughout your child's time in our program
  • Sharing your child's progress in our program through daily reports
  • Helping you find community resources, such as those for food, housing, and medical care
  • Contacting you in case of an emergency by using your baby's emergency contact phone numbers

We are committed to helping your child meet his or her physical needs, following health and safety guidelines, supporting your child in meeting milestones, and creating strong bonds between your child and caregivers. These handouts can help families learn more about milestone development, what to expect in a Head Start Program for each age group, and how to form partnerships with physicians.