School Readiness

Finding the Math

Find ways to help children learn more about math using everyday experiences. Explore these resources to help children discover math through routines, innovative activities, reading, and playing.

A Family Note on Finding the Math

Discover how families can use everyday experiences to help their children learn math. Explore ways children can learn math during home routines, shopping in the grocery store, and playing in the park. Also, find key ideas and strategies for enhancing the math concepts in these experiences.

Introduction. Finding the Math in Books: Ideas for Teaching Staff.

Reading books to young children can help them develop math skills using math-related vocabulary and concepts. In this guide, learn strategies for “mathematizing” children’s book-reading experiences. Find samples of children’s books that are rich in mathematical content. With each book sample, there is a short summary and examples of the book’s mathematical concepts and ideas.

Glossary. Finding the Math in Books: Ideas for Teaching Staff.

Use this glossary when working with "Finding the Math in Books: Ideas for Teaching Staff" to help develop children’s math skills. It includes 11 terms that help define math learning addressed in the guide.

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Last Updated: February 24, 2018