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Front Porch Broadcast Series

Explore this excellent collection of early childhood development resources for teachers and administrators.

2020 Broadcasts

Understanding Language Development to Inform High Quality Instructional Interactions
Karen Nemeth, Ed.M., and Judi Stevenson-Garcia, Ed.M., National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning

2019 Broadcasts

Instructional Leadership Part I: Organization Conditions Necessary for Effective Leadership
Debra Pacchiano, Ph.D, and Maribel Centeno, M.S., Ed., Ounce of Prevention Fund

Instructional Leadership Part II: Digging Deeper on the "What and How of Instructional Leadership"
Marsha Shigeyo Hawley and Maia Connors, Ounce of Prevention Fund

Instructional Leadership Part III: Exploring the Essentials of Ambitious Instruction and Teacher Collaboration
Jessica Haremza Diop, M.Ed., and Amanda Stein, Ph.D., Ounce of Prevention Fund

2018 Broadcasts

Developing Self-Regulation in Young Children: Lessons from Research
Ross A. Thompson, Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Measuring What Children Can Do in All Languages: Developmental Assessment for Children Who Are Dual Language Learners
Ryan W. Pontier, Ph.D. and Christine R. Hughes, Ph.D., Florida International University

2017 Broadcasts

The Role of Music in Children’s Development
Dr. Tal-Chen Rabinowitch, Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences at the University of Washington

Preschool Expulsions and Suspensions, and Why We Should Care
Dr. Walter S. Gilliam, Yale University

2015 Broadcasts

Why Young Children Need Structured Motor Play
Paddy Cronin Favazza, University of Massachusetts Boston

A Conversation about Professional Development
Patricia Snyder, University of Florida

Challenges and Opportunities in Engaging Fathers
Justin Dyer, Brigham Young University

Understanding and Using Evidence-Based Social Emotional Curricula
Rebecca Cortes, University of Washington

Tiered Supports for Individual Learners
Susan R. Sandall, University of Washington

2014 Broadcasts

An Introduction to the Preschool Curriculum Consumer Report for Head Start Classrooms
Bridget Hamre, University of Virginia

Classroom-Based and Parent-Focused Interventions for Promoting Social and Emotional Competence in Young Children
Erin Barton, Vanderbilt University

Head Start CARES
Dr. Shira Mattera, Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation (MDRC)

Planning Transitions to Prevent Challenging Behavior
Dr. Kathleen Artman Meeker, University of Washington
Dr. Kiersten Kinder, Susan Gray School of Peabody College

A Framework for Planning Professional Development in Emergent Literacy
Dr. Jeanette McCollum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Tweety Yates, NCQTL & University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Science and Math in Preschool Curriculum: Can All Young Children Benefit?
Dr. Eva Horn, University of Kansas, Lawrence

2013 Broadcasts

Improving Head Start Children's Understanding of Numbers
Dr. Robert S. Siegler

The Adult's Role in Supporting Peer Relationships
Dr. Michaelene Ostrosky and Lori Meyer

Building Executive Function Skills in Children and Adults
Dr. Juliet Morrison

A Framework for Understanding Early Writing Development
Dr. Sonia Cabell, University of Virginia

The Importance of Peer Interaction and Social Pretend Play
Dr. Carollee Howes, University of California at Los Angeles

Science in the Preschool Classroom: Why and How This Can Be a Teacher's Best Friend
Dr. Daryl B. Greenfield, University of Miami

2012 Broadcasts

The Characteristics of Intentional, Mature, Make-Believe Play: How Play Influences Development 
Dr. Deborah J. Leong, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Science for Preschoolers? Yes and No 
Professor Rochel Gelman, Rutgers-New Brunswick University

Caregiver Interventions to Enrich Early Language Environments for Children in Poverty 
Dr. Dana Suskind, University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital

Assessment and Progress Monitoring in Early Childhood 
Dr. Scott McConnell, University of Minnesota

Teaching New Words: Embedding Vocabulary Instruction in Storybooks 
Dr. Elizabeth Spencer and Dr. Howard Goldstein, Ohio State University

Poverty and the Development of Effortful Control
Dr. Liliana Lengua, University of Washington

The Power of Partnerships: How to Create Meaningful Connections with Parents 
Dr. Susan Sheridan, University of Nebraska

Promoting Creativity in Early Childhood Classrooms 
Dr. Nancy Hertzog, University of Washington

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