School Readiness

How Program Leaders Can Use this Tool

This tool uses a five-step process for examining the links between health and learning for each of the five essential school readiness domains of school readiness in the Child Development and Early Learning Framework (HSCDELF). They are: Approaches to Learning; Cognition & General Knowledge; Language & Literacy; Physical Development & Health; and Social & Emotional Development.

Step 1: Select a starting point.

This tool is organized around sample school readiness goals for each of the five essential learning domains. To begin, visit Links between Health and the Five Essential Domains of the Child Development and Early Learning Framework and select a domain.

Step 2: Review the domain content.

Each domain page includes:

  • A short statement about the link between children's health and the specific learning domain
  • Research connections with science-informed evidence
  • A printable table including:
    • Examples of school readiness goals for infants and toddlers related to that domain developed by the Early Head Start National Resource Center
    • Examples of school readiness goals for preschool children related to that domain developed by the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning
    • Suggested health strategies that support the goal with links for further information

Step 3: Review the suggested health strategies.

Find new strategies that may be helpful additions to health services and school readiness plans. In addition, this tool includes Research connections to validate the science-informed strategies already written in plans.

Step 4: Continue with other domains.

Depending on each program's planning needs, explore other domains and strategies to support school readiness goals and improve child outcomes.

Step 5: Discuss ideas with the school readiness and health teams.

Begin to brainstorm new health activities to include in school readiness and health services plans.

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Last Updated: June 2, 2018