School Readiness

PFCE Framework Webinar Series

pfce framework thumbnailYour work to engage families is essential to children's healthy development and school readiness. Explore this webinar series to learn more about strengthening parent, family, and community engagement (PFCE) in your Head Start, Early Head Start, or early child care programs. Hear real‐life examples of how programs have engaged families and communities to help children get ready for school. You also will find key resources related to each webinar topic.

Learn how to:

  • Build program foundations to strengthen relationships with families
  • Use the PFCE Framework to connect all of your PFCE strategies to improve program outcomes
  • Develop leadership strategies to improve relationships between families and staff
  • Identify, gather, and use data for continuous improvement in PFCE
  • Create professional development opportunities to support your family engagement goals

Don't miss these opportunities to learn how you can strengthen your PFCE practices!

Webinar Series

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  1. Strengthening Connections Across the Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework's Program Foundations
    Discover leadership strategies to create innovative PFCE policies and practices across systems and services. Explore ideas for using program strengths to achieve organizational change and support family outcomes.
  2. The Role of Leadership: Strategies for Implementing and Sustaining Change
    Learn how Head Start and Early Head Start staff can take on different roles as well as use data to support PFCE practices that benefit children and families.
  3. Diving into Data: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement
    Find out how using data for continuous improvement can help strengthen your program's PFCE practices and help families make progress toward goals that support their children's school readiness.
  4. Prioritizing Professional Development: Innovative Strategies from the Field
    Hear how high-quality professional development can be used to support staff's use of effective PFCEpractices.
  5. Effective Community Engagement: The Vision Ahead
    In this webinar, find out how Head Start and Early Head Start programs and community partners work together to support families.