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Comprehension and Text Structure: See



  • Describe the physical setting for this read-aloud session (e.g., how space is arranged, toys and materials available). Where is the teacher seated? Where are the children seated? How does she hold the book? What does she say and do to involve the children in the story? What questions does she ask to encourage thinking and build interest? How do the children respond?


  • Which teaching practices are used in this read-aloud session? Check the “Know” and “Do” sections for ideas. What is the purpose of the teacher stopping the reading to ask the children what happens next?
  • How can you tell that the children are familiar with this book?


  • What could this teacher do to give the children opportunities to retell this story and others? What materials and activities could support their understanding of narrative structure?
  • How might this teacher help children learn to summarize an entire story?
  • If the video had gone on, we might have seen the teacher invite the children to ask questions about the story. What questions might the children have asked? What other literacy skills might be supported?

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Last Updated: June 3, 2018