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Emergent Literacy: See

Infants and Toddlers


  • Describe the physical setting of this read-aloud session (e.g., how space is arranged, toys and materials available). Where is the teacher seated and where are the children? What does she do to include all the children who want to take part? When she starts reading, what does the teacher say to the infant to relate the pictures in the book to his own experiences? What does the infant do with the book? What does the teacher say to the toddlers? How do the toddlers respond?


  • Which teaching practices does this teacher use to support the children’s interests in books and reading? Check the “Know” and “Do” sections for ideas. How does she individualize so everyone can benefit from the read-aloud session?
  • How does the teacher respond when a child wrongly identifies a skunk as a cat? How might the child use the information the teacher provides in future situations?


  • The children in the video are different ages. What seems to be of most interest to each child? What does the baby boy want to do with the book? What do the girls want to do? What does the teacher do to make sure everyone’s needs are met?
  • What does the baby boy learn from this literacy experience? What do the older girls learn? How does the experience set the stage for later literacy learning?

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Last Updated: December 3, 2019