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Initiative and Curiosity: See

Infants and Toddlers

Initiative and Curiosity: Video 1


  • Describe how the teacher and infant are situated. What do you observe about the teacher's conversation with Brooklyn? How does Brooklyn respond? What happens after the teacher moves Brooklyn to an upright position? What do you think Brooklyn sees? How does the teacher continue the conversation? What does she talk about?


  • What teaching practices are used by this teacher as she responds to the infant's vocalizations, coos, and overall excitement? Check the "Know" and "Do" sections for ideas.
  • Why do you think she decided to move Brooklyn to a standing position? How did the change in position support the infant's curiosity about the world around her?
  • The teacher uses Brooklyn's name frequently. Why might she do that? What is the infant learning from this?


  • How would you describe the relationship between Brooklyn and this teacher? How does the teacher communicate that being curious about the world leads to learning new and interesting things?
  • Think about what might happen next. What else might the teacher do and say to respond to Brooklyn's curiosity about the world?


Initiative and Curiosity: Video 2


  • Describe the physical environment in this clip (e.g., toys and equipment, how space is arranged). How many children are involved in the interaction? What are the children doing? How does the provider respond? What does he say and do to engage with the children?


  • What teaching practices does the provider use to show interest in this child-initiated activity—placing the colored pebbles in the bowl? Check the "Know" and "Do" sections for ideas. How does this video segment demonstrate his support for the children's use of initiative and curiosity?
  • How do the provider's comments keep the children interested in their activity? What does he do so the children can carry out their own ideas and plans?


  • Why do you think the children appear so engaged during this activity? What might the children be learning about themselves as their curiosity leads them to explore the pebbles?
  • The provider's comments focus on characteristics of the pebbles. What else might he do or say to promote the children's curiosity about the pebbles and extend their learning?

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Last Updated: June 18, 2019