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Memory: See

Infants and Toddlers


  • Describe the physical environment featured in the video segment. Where is the child and where is the teacher? What activity are the child and teacher enjoying at the start of the video? What activity do they do next? Who starts the new activity? What does the teacher say and do? How does the child respond?


  • Which teaching practices does the teacher use? Check the “Know” and “Do” sections for ideas.
  • How does the child respond when the teacher offers to change her diaper? What does the teacher do next? How do these practices help the child begin to build memory skills?
  • How does the teacher demonstrate respect for the child? What does the teacher say to the child that demonstrates her ability to be flexible in the moment?


  • What are some of the signs that this child and her teacher have a strong, caring relationship? How does that relationship support the child’s development and learning?
  • How does the teacher work with her colleague, whose voice is heard in the background, to respect and respond to the child’s interests?

Topic:School Readiness

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Last Updated: December 3, 2019