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Perception: See

Infants and Toddlers

Perception: Video 1


  • Describe the physical setting in this video segment (e.g., how space is arranged, toys and materials). Where is the infant? What toy is she exploring? What happens when the teacher joins her? How does the teacher communicate to the infant that she is available to play with her? How does the teacher join the infant in play without weakening the infant’s confidence in playing with the blocks? How does the infant express her feelings about the play? How does the infant tell the teacher she is ready for a new activity? How does the teacher respond? How does the infant ask the teacher to help retrieve the blocks that have rolled out of reach?                                                                                                  


  • Which teaching practices does the teacher use to engage the infant’s use of perceptual information to understand objects, experiences, and interactions? Check the "Know" and "Do" sections for ideas.
  • What features of the toys make them useful for playing together and learning? How are these toys developmentally appropriate for this infant?
  • The teacher sings about the colors of the blocks as the infant drops them in the container. Why might she be doing that?
  • What skills did the infant "practice" during this time together with the teacher?


  • In this video segment, the infant uses perceptual information to understand objects, experiences, and interactions. What are some skills from other domains this infant demonstrates (e.g., Language and Communication, Approaches to Learning, Social and Emotional)?
  • What sensory characteristics involved in this play promote the infant’s sensory development? How might changes in the play affect it? For example, what if all the blocks had been white? What if the bucket had been metal? What if the floor had been checkerboard patterned? What if the blocks had been balls?
  • What makes this interaction pleasurable for the infant? For the teacher?
  • This infant is very skillful at using pointing to communicate.
    • What might the teacher do to playfully encourage the infant to build on her pointing skill and vocalize in a developmentally appropriate way?
    • How might the infant communicate if attempts at getting her to vocalize are too frustrating for her?
    • What would "repair" the situation if the infant became frustrated?
    • What might the teacher do to reinforce vocalizations if the infant demonstrated vocalizing during the play with the teacher?
  • What did the infant "learn" that she could apply in future play?
  • What other materials, interactions, and games might this infant enjoy?

Last Updated: July 30, 2018