Supporting School Readiness of Young African American Boys

Reflections on a Culturally Responsive Strength-based Approach

A woman and young boy reading a book together while in class.

This resource provides an opportunity for program directors, education managers, coaches, teachers, home visitors, family advocates, and other specialists to think about how to best support young African American boys in early learning settings. It offers each professional a space to be self-reflective.

Early childhood programs can use this resource as a starting point to look at their successes, the challenges they face, and the approaches they might use to support the school readiness and success of young African American boys. Use the guide in different ways depending on unique program needs and populations served, and to spark dialogue with staff, parents, and communities.

The resource is organized into three sections that include reflective activities and strategies for implementation:

  • The Culturally Responsive Lens — the guiding principles and overarching ideas that shaped the project
  • Understanding Young African American Boys — the views of researchers and practitioners about learning environments and the process of moving from a deficit to a strength-based perspective
  • Implementing Culturally Responsive, Strength-based Practices — specific instructional and family engagement strategies that support the school readiness and success of young African American boys, as well as how program systems and services can give support

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