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Module 3: The First Meeting

ERICA: This is Max and his 22-month old son, Ben. His wife, Maya, serves in the Army, and they enrolled Ben in our program just before Maya was deployed, about six weeks ago.

I did their intake meeting, and I’ve talked with Max quite a few times now. He always seems interested in what our program has to offer. He’s eager and open when I’ve shared materials on celebrating developmental milestones and when I’ve encouraged him to do the same with Ben’s pediatrician.

When Ben first enrolled in our program, I introduced the parents to Ben’s lead teacher, Diana. Diana and Max first met at the office, and they’ve seen each other many times since then. Ben spends time in Diana’s classroom, and Diana also makes home-visits. Diana has noticed that Ben speaks with a small number of single words and has not begun putting words together yet.

You’re going to guide Diana through a series of conversations with Max, which will focus on raising a developmental concern about Ben’s limited use of spoken language.

You’ll be practicing the strategies we talked about earlier to help Diana build on her positive, strengths-based relationship with Max to address these concerns and make a plan for Ben together. Keep in mind that though your setting might not be the same as the one depicted in this simulation, the ideas and skills practiced can be applied across settings.

A list of the strategies appears as Erica narrates over them:

While these strategies strengthen any kind of communication with families, they are especially important during challenging conversations about a child’s behavior or development. If you ever need reminders about these strategies, or the Strength-based Attitudes I mentioned earlier, you can find both in the Resources section of your menu.

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