Avoyelles Child Development Services (ACDS), Inc.

–  Avoyelles Child Development Services (ACDS), Inc., Head Start program, Moreauville, LA

Teacher leading students in physical activity

ACDS, Inc. recognizes that culture isn't just a list of holidays or shared recipes, religious traditions, or language; it is a lived experience unique to each individual. As educators, it's our job to stimulate the intellectual development of children, including multicultural experiences. Our program combines several approaches to make educated decisions about how to use multicultural curriculum in the classroom. In doing so, ACDS, Inc. encourages and validates family differences. Here are some of our ideas: One very simple way that our teachers can add multicultural ideas and content to the curriculum is by building a classroom library of multicultural literature. Another way we integrate culture is to encourage parent-oriented activities for students. This may be as simple as bringing in clothing and foods representing their culture and sharing with everyone. Also, field trips can be of value because they invigorate students. Local museums usually have exhibits highlighting cultural and ethnic influences of the local community, such as the Tunica Biloxi tribe in our parish. Guest speakers are another great source for teaching diversity; staff members invite people of all backgrounds from the community to speak to the children during functions held at their centers. These are some of the many things we do to incorporate diversity and cultural practices in our program.