Evelyn Gold Leger

–  Evelyn Gold Leger, Head Start graduate and teacher, Las Vegas, NM

Evelyn Gold Leger

I have been a resident of Las Vegas, NM all my life. I attended West Las Vegas Head Start as a child and I graduated May 26, 1974 and have many fond memories of Head Start.

My Head Start teacher's name was Rosie Armijo and she is also native of Las Vegas, NM. I had the privilege of visiting with Rosie last spring and we reminisced about how Head Start has been so powerful in school readiness. I explained to Rosie that all she taught me was very valued in my life.

I remember Rosie playing her accordion and that would start my day with much joy and happiness. I remember learning numbers and the alphabet, writing my name, and story time was always my favorite part of the day. I also have a very fond memory of going on a field trip to the Albuquerque Zoo. I remember wearing overalls and a very pretty orange shirt. After the field trip, I got off the school bus so tired and still remember how Rosie talked about all the animals and all we saw at the zoo.

Rosie was very loving and caring. I thanked her for playing such a positive part in my life. I always knew in my heart that someday I would want to be a Head Start teacher. I had such a love for it. I wanted to be the best teacher and supporter to my children and families.

Today, Head Start is a great tool in preparing our children for school readiness. I have educated and supported many families. Head Start is the best program that supports children and families when it comes to school readiness. My love for Head Start has opened so many doors. I take pride in working with children and families.