Josefina Ramos

–  Josefina Ramos, former Head Start parent and current family support specialist, Phoenix, AZ

Josefina Ramos and daughter at graduation

My name is Josefina Ramos, and I want to share my experience with how Head Start made a difference in my life and in the lives of my daughters. My daughters, Esmeralda and Jacqueline, started Head Start back in 2002 at Westside Head Start in El Paso, TX. Since then, Head Start opened many doors for us. I started going back to school thanks to Head Start support and motivation. I graduated in 2007 as a social worker. My children were successful during their school-age years. They got many awards and scholarships at Vilas Elementary school where they attended, and all thanks to the strong base they got at Head Start. Today, Jacqueline and Esmeralda are in college. Esmeralda traveled around the world with the forensic program she was part of, and Jacqueline is enrolled at ASU majoring in business administration. I was a parent of Head Start, and now I am a Head Start staff. I started working at Head Start in March 2009. I am proud to be a Heart employee and continue the legacy of knowledge Head Start planted on me. Head Start made a difference in my life and I want to make the difference in the lives of the families I serve with love and vocation for what I do, and with respect and empathy to all families.