Keisha Warner

–  Keisha Warner, Head Start graduate and teacher, Washington, DC

Keisha Warner

In the early 1970's, I was enrolled in Head Start at the Katie C. Lewis Elementary School in Washington, DC where my mom taught kindergarten. Of course, I don't remember being in Head Start but I have pictures of field trips taken with my Head Start classmates ... fast forward to 1995.

I had reached a point in my life and career where I wanted to "make a difference." I applied to teach Head Start in the District of Columbia Public Schools. While teaching Head Start full time, I earned a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Trinity College. During that time, I enrolled my daughter, Kaila, in Head Start at Noyes Elementary also located in Washington, DC—and my mom, a kindergarten teacher joined the Head Start family as a Head Start teacher at Clarke Elementary School. After 35 years of teaching, she retired from the District of Columbia Public Schools in 1999.

Kaila just completed her 10th grade year at Phelps ACE on Honor Roll. She received an Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) Scholarship which allowed her to participate in the 2013 Summer Science and Engineering Program at Smith College located in Northampton, MA for five weeks. Kaila plans to join ROTC in college. She would like to become an officer in the United States Military. Two generations of Head Start teachers and two generations of Head Start students!

Last year was my first year in 16 years not teaching Head Start. I taught pre-kindergarten. Some people would ask "What's the big deal?" The 'big deal' (and the big difference) is Head Start's holistic approach and the positive impact it made in the lives of children and families. I was able to see the results and believe the Head Start program makes a REAL difference!