Veronica Edmond

–  Veronica Edmond, Head Start teacher, Pahokee, FL

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In 1975, I became employed with the Palm Beach County Head Start as a single parent. My eight children also attended Head Start. In 1980, I gave birth to a 25-week-old baby boy weighing two pounds, who was born with all types of complications and was not expected to live. I had to take a leave of absence from work to learn how to care for him—the county granted it to me. My older children watched the struggle day-by-day, as I returned to work and furthered my education, along with caring for them. I was blessed with live-in nurses around-the-clock and that allowed me to continue my career, education, and parenting. Here is my success story: Because of Head Start, I have a daughter that changed her major and became a doctor; two daughters who are nurses; a son who's a concrete supervisor; a son who is a supervisor for Tire Plus; another son employed at Kmart for six years; another son who works in produce and last; but not least, my miracle son attends Seagull Industries for the Disabled where he can learn and earn. Therefore, I'm a witness that Head Start works. I have been employed for 40 years and I still maintain employment with Lutheran Services Florida (LSF) Head Start.