Head Start Stories

Head Start served as a catalyst to change the course of my life and compete equally with more advantaged children.

– former Head Start student, Fairfax, VA

It was a worthwhile experience for them and for us, as we refer our parents to these community organizations.

– Mary Gilford, family and community engagement manager, Pawnee, OK

You see, Head Start is still the security blanket that I hang on and I knew I had moved from a 'not supposed to be' to a 'Head Start Hero' in a matter of 16 years.

– family and community services specialist, Crookston, MN

My motto is never quit learning, even when you have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

– assistant teacher at Crossroads Youth and Family Services Learning Tree Head Start/Early Head Start Center, Shawnee, OK

Just think, nearly 50 years later, the program remains true to its mission with tens of millions of children getting a real Head Start in their young lives!

– president and CEO of Maryland Nonprofits, Chicago, IL