Head Start Stories

I walked her (my daughter) to Head Start every morning and I went to classes to get my GED while she was there. Thank you to all the wonderful people that helped me with her, especially Mr. Tisdale.

– former Head Start parent, Bridgeport, CT

I am proud to be a Heart employee and continue the legacy of knowledge Head Start planted on me.

– former Head Start parent and current family support specialist, Phoenix, AZ

By teaching those crucial skills, programs like Head Start level what is otherwise an uneven playing field, while at the same time providing students with the head start they need not just to compete but to win.

– former Head Start student, Ralston, OK

I found it a pleasure to work in Head Start. I learned as the students learned. The job provided me with my first experience in developing and using leadership skills with others.

– retired Head Start teacher, director, and administrator, New Castle, DE

I never would have thought that I would get a chance to work with such an amazing role model who taught me to become the person I am today.

– Head Start teacher, Berlin, NH