Head Start Stories

Local businesses, corporations, churches, municipalities, school groups, and neighbors are recruited for community engagement by our tireless social services staff.

– Head Start partner, Dover, NJ

I am proud to be a part of our children's education. I will continue to strive in providing the best care for our young children.

– Head Start employee, San Luis Obispo, CA

I truly believe all partnerships are important, but the one we have with our families is the one that will have a lasting positive effect on our community.

– onsite Head Start manager, Moab, UT

I strongly believe that Head Start does make a positive impact on families—forever.

– disabilities coordinator, Bronx, NY

We have contributed over 1,000 books that have gone directly to Head Start families so that kids can own their own books and keep them at home.

– Head Start partner, Richfield, UT