Teaching Practices

Connecting Research to Practice: Tips for Working with Infants, Toddlers, and Their Families

This series of research-to-practice briefs covers a variety of topics related to early learning and child development. The briefs were developed to support home visitors in their work with children and families. They provide an accessible and usable overview of recent research as well as resources for families. In addition to home visitors, teachers and family child care providers can use these briefs to learn more about current research on early childhood development.

The briefs review the latest research on topics important to children’s development, such as social emotional development, early literacy, and supporting children who are dual language learners. There are two sections for each topic: “Research Notes” is for home visitors, and “Connecting at Home” is for families. Home visitors can use “Research Notes” to understand how key research findings inform effective teaching practices in early learning settings. “Connecting at Home” can be used directly with families or as inspiration for new activities to suggest during home visits. It also provides home visitors with a way to talk to parents and families about research on child development.