Teaching Practices

Framework for Effective Practice

Supporting School Readiness for All Children

The National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning (NCECDTL) uses a house to represent five integral elements of quality teaching and learning for children ages birth to 5 in all program options. The five elements of the House Framework include:

  • Foundation: Providing nurturing, responsive, and effective interactions and engaging environments
  • First Pillar: Implementing research-based curriculum and teaching practices
  • Second Pillar: Using screening and ongoing assessment of children's skills
  • Roof: Embedding highly individualized teaching and learning
  • Center: Engaging parents and families

When these elements are connected, they form a single structure that surrounds the family in the center. The family is at the heart of the house because each house element is implemented in partnership with parents and families in their cultural and community context. Staff may use this House Framework to foster children’s development and learning.

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