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This e-newsletter examines topics important to staff who work directly with infants, toddlers, and families, including expectant families (e.g., home visitors, teachers, family child care providers). Each edition focuses on one particular topic, provides information about the topic and, through use of vignettes, shows how the information can be used in daily practice.

School Readiness

Approaches Toward Learning, Part 1

Approaches Toward Learning, Part 2

Approaches Toward Learning, Part 3

Social Emotional Development

Physical Development and Health

Language and Literacy

Cognition and General Knowledge

Early Experiences Build the Brain


Developmentally Appropriate Practice



Music, Part 1

Music, Part 2

Supporting Early Math Learning

Early Science Learning

Learning Environments

Environment as Curriculum

Learning at Home and Homelike Environments 

Outdoor Spaces

Take It Outside

Take It Inside

Comprehensive Services and Systems

Mirroring the Early Parent-Child Bond

Mental Health Services

Reflective Practices and Strategies in EHS

The Culture of Sleep and Child Care