Home Visitor's Online Handbook

Group Socializations

Children and adults in a group settingIn addition to your one-on-one home visits with each child and family, group socializations are offered. Home-based option, 45 CFR §1302.22, requires socializations be held 22 times a year for Early Head Start and 16 times over the course of a program year for Head Start.

Education in home-based programs, 45 CFR §1302.35, tells us group socializations must:

  • Promote the parent's role as the child's teacher through experiences focused on the parent-child relationship
  • Focus on the family's traditions, culture, values and beliefs, as appropriate
  • Be planned jointly with families
  • Be conducted with both child and parent participation
  • Occur in a classroom, community facility, home, or field trip setting as appropriate

In addition, group socializations must be structured to:

  • Provide age appropriate activities that align with the ELOF and the home-based curriculum
  • Encourage parents to share experiences related to their child's development with other parents in order to strengthen parent-child relationships and to help promote parent understanding of child development

Safety practices, 45 CFR §1302.47, outlines the safety requirements for group socializations. The areas for learning, playing, sleeping, toileting, preparing food, and eating in facilities used for group socializations in the home-based option must meet the safety standards (45 CFR §1302.47(1)(ii)–(viii)).