Transition to Kindergarten

More than 320,000 children and their families transition from Head Start programs to kindergarten every year. When leaders, educators, families, and communities partner to foster a smooth transition, children and families are more likely to enter kindergarten ready to engage and succeed in school. Explore these videos, guides, and other helpful resources for evidence-based practices that support a strong transition to kindergarten and long-term school success.


Building Bridges: Leaders Supporting the Transition to Kindergarten

Building Bridges: Leaders Supporting the Transition to Kindergarten

Watch this video to learn about the three key components of successful kindergarten transitions. Explore how to use information, relationships, and alignment and the practices to support each area. Hear from Head Start and elementary school leaders in the field about the specific practices they have successfully implemented to support smooth transitions to kindergarten.

A boy looks at the sky through binocularsGather Information: What You Need to Know About the Transition to Kindergarten

Browse the resources below to discover what research says about supporting effective transitions to kindergarten.

a parent holding his child has a talk with a teacherApply It: Practical Guides and Planning Tools

Explore these resources for concrete strategies and step-by-step plans that leaders, educators, and families can use to navigate the transition to kindergarten.

three women having a discussion while sitting around a table with notebooksPlan a Local Meeting: Transition to Kindergarten Summit Toolkit

Head Start and local education agency (LEA) leaders can use this set of materials to organize and carry out a local transition to kindergarten summit. This toolkit includes customizable presentation slides, planning resources, and a variety of useful handouts.

Last Updated: December 24, 2019