Bridging the Business Office Divide: Using Basic Accounting to Communicate What Drives Transportation Costs

Programs must explain the impact of rising transportation costs to key stakeholders in order to maintain budgets for new buses and other transportation expenditures. This resource may be used by program directors and transportation coordinators to help them manage, communicate, and control transportation costs.

Expenditures, revenues, and funding formulas are the language of the business office. Your ability to buy new buses and to get the budget you need is dependent on you being able to communicate in the language of the business office.

The information being provided comes from a session conducted at the 2007 School Transportation News Expo designed to introduce transportation personnel with some basic accounting terminology, demonstrate a simple [way] to understand and use [the] cost allocation technique and to address the basic accounting issues that drive transportation costs in school districts and Head Start programs.

The costs of transportation are going to continue to increase and explaining the impact of costs to key stakeholders will make the difference between making good choices when it comes to controlling transportation costs. Full text »